1996 – 2002

This collection was focused on the concept of fertility and the uniqueness of the female body that is inherently blessed equally with the sense of protection and nurture, as well as the strength and vitality that are necessary to foster a new life.

Parts of the female body connected to the aforementioned concepts are depicted at the first part of this series. The forms are hollow and smooth inside, creating a fertile and safe environment for the new life to grow and thrive, while at the same time, the outside is rough, adorned with cracks and wrinkles, serving as an allegory to the perishability of matter and the transience of life.

Then, drawing inspiration from the Greek Neolithic idols that are closely related to the perceptions of that period about fertility, the artist depicts life sized figures in comfortable, everyday positions, that convey a sense of conscious self-confidence and empowered pride for the naked female body.